09 September 2009

i refuse to tweet

sorry, world, i cannot get into the twitter thing...myspace has fallen by the wayside, i barely do facebook as it is, and i signed isabelle up for bunspace in july and have been on it exactly twice - i have not even accepted her little bunny friend requests yet. and, i have not even opened my gmail in two weeks, just my work email. i am a loser, apparently, in the cyberspace...


22 June 2009


Leonard Peltier's parole hearing has been changed to July 28. He has been a political prisoner for 33 years. In February of 2009 he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the sixth consecutive year. Please go to the "free peltier now" website for lots more information, and to watch robert redford's documentary "incident at oglala" - you will be left speechless.